Sunday, July 07, 2013


The Challenge of the Spirit
While humanity grows more and more intelligent
there seems to be more distress, less happiness.
Should we indulge in a thorough extensive inquiry
we shall discover that in the absence of humility
cleverness will bring about the vanity of arrogance
such is the outcome of a typical misuse of capacity
the negligence of modesty, a clearly holistic purity.
The ego, where all desires and cravings are seated
enslaves the native to the yearning lust of the self
accordingly, adversity and confusion supersedes.
Glory goes to the master of honesty and integrity
who can bring the whole self into righteous unity.


Saturday, July 06, 2013


I will say this again and again
I have given in kind, a piece of my mind
a positive response was all I had in mind 
yet I find no interest, simply a never mind
ignorance is the ultimate contempt I find
that's fine, peace was no invention of mine.

There is now an ultimate storm in the making
every corner of our planet Earth is awakening
justice in recourse revealing vengeance taking
the residents are fed up and the ship is sinking
who on Earth is equipped to prevent such a thing?.

Survival is a natural objective worth fighting for
what more can be so supportable as to start a war
but every creature knows war will end up in gore
we all deserve to know what we are fighting for
because when it is over we will likely be no more.

Calm and peace settles after a cataclysmic storm
this is the norm, unless we can amicably reform
harmoniously remove the greed, the vicious need
to exploit the less fortunate by being fair indeed
or is such remorseless vile of the elite in the seed.

Such is the established order of productive slavery
dominating the social content where conditions vary
every human being is becoming weary, this is scary
the favoritism of the few at the expense of the many
has to come to an end, there should be a choice if any.

You may say that I am being silly, there is no remedy
it may me uncanny but such is the way of this reality
the cycles follow this way, war, peace and war again
but I am saying at this point in time, there is no gain
if there is a war, there will be everlasting eternal pain.


Thursday, July 04, 2013


The Error in the Bone
The need of being loved as the one and the only
has been placed deep, in the marrow of the bone
such a persistent wish all humans inherently have
rather than the poise of eternal bliss of universal love
to be worshipped as the sole enchantment constantly,
This yearning of being the only exclusively beloved
can never be fully attained, nevertheless is entertained
as the lover's required desire to be  worshipped forever.
When there appears another, jealousy strikes intensely
the wrath of possession, a ruthlessly instinctive reaction.
Betrayal is a painful passion, ruthlessly disheartening 
unless the sublime, the essence of pure love is inspirited
as to embrace the extension of love as a delightful thing,
only the sacred dare share such a uniquely special intimacy.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Forbidden Angels
Stranded on an island called exile 
where the self inflicted pain 
makes the itch of longing remain 
hard to scratch, ever again!. 

As I wander on primary rocks
searching for my maker in gratitude
for stuffing my mind with ample thought
and an "easy come, easy go" attitude.

Yet I persist on demanding peace
not with an apocalyptic struggle
but a good old primal scream.

I remain stretched, reaching out
for a vision uncharted in a dream
obscured but viable it might seem.

As I walk that lonely walk
within the language of stones
up and down in rapid pace
searching for a time, a place
where I can ultimately face
the choice of my own making.

I have just enough hope to cope
with the bait at the end of my rope
as the outgoing tide
will take away and hide
those turbolent thoughts
moving from side to side.

While images keep on falling
from the corner of my eyes
I can hear the silent cries
of forbidden angels, shedding tears
at the plight of forsaken strangers.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Flaring words at the heart of this matter 
scorching hot to eat out of this platter 
may it be for the worse or for the better 
here is a fuming message from yonder
what we have here is a stark reminder
that they are going under, no wonder 
having taken it all, it's time to flounder
just because of such historical plunder
it is time to suffer a histrionic blunder.


Monday, July 01, 2013


Reaching Out For Some Truth
A point of view is a serious liability in approaching the hereafter
change is imminent, as each premise has a unique perception
order and chaos, sense and nonsense, point out to a paradox
we must get out of this box, if we want to stop the deception.

Religions were vehicles created to guide all mankind to salvation
although fundamental principles vary in each nation's tradition
creating guideline is not to inculcate a flock of faithful by deceit
if mankind is to advance, we must learn to leave behind the past.

While the inner and the outer are in the process of coalescing 
a point of view needs to consider all points of view in the making
relying only on first hand experience as others are for the taking
a pathless road to truth is pressing as faith expands the seeking.

The error of religion is in the mixing of it with political thinking
which has been an exploitation rather than virtuous reasoning
the hierarchy established is contrary to the values of redeeming
the dogmatic imposition of doctrine has not been enlightening.

Basic ethical principles, the morality required in clear thinking
should not be distorted by the cunning means of manipulating
to this effect, us the residents of planet Earth are demanding
an end to all this uncanny methods of devious puppeteering.