Sunday, June 23, 2013


It is only now, since the arrival of the www, that the entire World can have a voice,
exchange information, ideas, opinions. The choice to make is to make a voice.
Anyone is capable of making noise, but civilization is being able to communicate,
person to person, beyond borders, beyond the divisions of nations and religions,
beyond selling products, winning games, scoring points, competing for trophies.
The notion of finding a common ground, to be able to have harmonious coexistence
I wish and hope that eventually animals and plants and all life forms residing on Earth
will also be able to participate, then we'll be able to make Earth truly a wonderful place.
It is from the gates of reception that we should be able to reach out for such a Utopia
If each baby born is given the deserved love, care, the unbiased, enlightening education
to be able to live up to their inherent particular potentials, by utilizing the latent powers. 

Admittedly the first few generations will be forced to compromise making a big sacrifice.
All mothers, parents, teachers, fellow humans must have the full hearted intention
not to pass over their bias, devoid of any personal possession, of selfish identification.
Such an awareness can not be forced, it has to dawn on everyone collectively, at once
as each time a beloved is born, God arrives in this form of all the children of mankind
once this is meticulously established in the soul-spirit of everyone, the rest will follow
such a dream I have visualized in my Utopian fantasy, 
an ecstasy concerning tomorrow.



The last man left on Earth
all alone but not so lonely
bathing in a solitary space
time, a far reaching stretch
the World, a forsaken place
left behind, as life was kind
never mind, he seems blind
since he still expects to find
some other soul of his kind
as to handle life's last hurdle
saved for a knock at the door.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


To the future generations of mankind
The soul when given a bogus goal, cried foul
did not want to be harnessed, forced to crawl
compelling the indoctrination of how to cope
reinforcing the freedom of moving in and out
motivated, after all this is what life is all about.

For the sake of the yet unborn children to come
our babies should not become androids of sorts
but nature's own design, the sum of their efforts
it doesn't matter whether they are yours or mine
so long as the soul isn't severed from the divine.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The Awakening
There was a wake up call promptly intercepted

sophisticated methods used by spying oglers

picking the message like a thread from butter

in a matter of moments blinders were fluttered

orders were released to locate loose roosters

eyebrows were raised as beaks were tightened.

Fractured were relations in draconian quarters

there were oligarchic vestiges facing extinction

nerves were sharpened, sabers rattled in vain

as pain was a compulsory condition to remain

at the tip of the hierarchic orders established

as dust settled like snowfall upon the polished.

Simply such a cock-a-doodle-do was now due

the streaming herds were alerted to take a cue

which was due to the waking of the awakening

whose awareness of the folly of the phony king

as the wasted thing, were making a blaring ring

while everyone of any adeptness started to sing.