Sunday, May 26, 2013


An answer to all prayers
emerging from eternal zest 
the ember of the heavens
tiny particles of stars
floating in space 
gathering speed
as meteorite showers
falling down onto Earth 
sprinkling samplings of space dust
all over this breathtaking planet. 
The friction of entry peeling the crust
atmospheric impact inciting the seed 
igniting the flame of a dormant entity
the anticipated deed is here indeed. 
Is this simply divine power 
poised to come lower and lower
or is it just cosmic dust 

In whom was it that we did trust?.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Deep sleep
In my sleep last night, the nitty-gritty
I imagined a dream oh so very pretty
as I was slipping into an enchanted story
while leisurely strolling through my fantasy
and indulging into unforeseen sentimentality
where I discovered you in this forsaken city
while swinging between my virtue and vanity
I dreamt of waking up from this false reality
at the recompense of a diminishing banality
I dreamt of sleeping with you most intimately
which I intend to pursue indefinitely, sincerely.


Thursday, May 23, 2013


The error in the bone
The persistent need of being loved as the only one
has been placed deep, in the marrow of the bone
such a tenacious wish which one can never truly have
being deprived of the eternal bliss of universal love
to be worshipped as a sole desired object always forever
the lustful craving of being the one and the only thing
can never be fully attained, nevertheless entertained
as the need of the lover to be thus loved forevermore.
When there are also others, jealousy strikes as a rather
the sign of possession, the wrath of love being shared,
such a pain can not be compared, the ultimate betrayal.
If only the focal centre of pure love could be stretched
as to appear for eternity the feeling of you and only you
no one else dare share this uniquely special intimacy.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Spilling the spoils
Let me lay it out clear for you
there is such a thing as spelling
good or bad there can be no telling
unless you're looking for some meaning.

The wrong spelling of a precious word
like the clumsy spilling of vintage wine
the obscene smell of a misspelled word
as wasted delicacy, unwholesome to dine.

I have put a powerful spell on my spelling
if it is wrong, so will be the entire meaning
such is quantum physics, no need explaining
implications of this are; there can be no saying.


Gross Expectations
The grotesque visions of a life's discarded reverie
Alienated from the cultural roots, wanting to be free
Holding on to the body, eyes wide open but can't see
The soul has taken to ether, yet the mind won't let it be
Paradox in action, clinging to genetic memory tenaciously
Psyche striving for change, as the ghost persists imminently
The spirit longing for eternity but unable to leave permanently
Such a state of disturbance to be handled with kid gloves, gently
The native is aspiring for peace and harmony in this realm patiently.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Eye of the Beholder
Captured in this instance 
suspended between intervals
a blink of an eye in slow motion 
biting time, a pull here, a push there
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression
which alters perception, accordingly in quantum 
what appears is only relative to that moment's catch
with infinite possibilities in store at imagination's shore.