Sunday, May 12, 2013


To play is to listen to the inner force
that wants to take form and rejoice
it needs no reason, no planning, no effort
it is the joyful expression of ones self.

Play is innocent, play is fun,
like our first experience of it
before the games and the rules,
before the conditions, before the trophies arrived.

When we were toddlers we would just go


without manipulation, premeditation, expectations,
through the path of least resistance
we could full heartedly trust the universe,

No fears, no reluctance, no holding back...
There is so much freedom here.



Was unheard of until I gave my ear
full of suspense an indication of fear
such nonsense makes absolute sense
still, I could not help but take offense.

Suicide bombers have become the norm
they blow up people, like a deadly storm
the drones are the latest gadget in town
they also bomb without wasting their own.

When the soldiers are safe at a distance
the robots will take care of all the killing
a drone may miss the target, a nasty thing
can blow up a bystander, there is no telling.

Soon we are going to be monitored by drones
those were just dress rehearsals in foreign soil
once refined, with cutting edge sharp accuracy
they will be policing our neighborhoods at home.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


Standing at the very edge of a fiscal cliff hanger
for some a bad joke for others a cause for anger
solemn faced senators pushing for favorite dish
what will come out of this, is bound to be fetish.

Close your eyes for an instant and make your wish
the bells are ringing, are you really ready for this
the monetary economic monster is about to crush
this is a presumption, based on the financial trash.

Federally reserved hollow zeroes are placed in line
a delicate balance of the dubious alongside the fine
as the story goes on, the ceiling of the debt is raised
for such accomplishment, the government is praised.

People who have much, have to bestow as such
with such a deduction, not everyone is in touch
which puts decent, honorable folk in lousy mood
for the yet unborn children, this will be no good.


Bon appetit

Frozen chicken wings, injected with noxious antibiotics
laced with a hormonally enhanced steroid combination
at your local supermarkets, prices are slashed dirt cheap
contributes to deflation, you must buy to avoid starvation.

Organically grown, grain fed, kosher chicken breast
enhanced pricing, reserved for the wealthy, the best
even there I have reservations, make sure you digest
this my friends is the malefactured anti inflation test.

There is nothing the good old geniuses can not solve
they are making top bucks so the rest of us can evolve

I have said more than enough, my neck will likely revolve 
I'd better shut my trap, they waste poets for outspoken rap.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Silence my Eyes

I have been
up and down
in and out
hanging about
circling around
out of bound
lost and found
without a sound
breaking ground.

I have been through
the dire straights
so many times now
I might as well
into a silence
only you can
see me through
silence my eyes!


I was once uprooted from the soil that gave me life
taken to far out places I could not have dreamed of
with roots dangling in the air, I climbed clouds high
dancing, whirling my way, in circles all over the sky
I have surrendered to the cyber winds, I will not try
no matter what fate deals me I embrace with a sigh.


Wednesday, May 08, 2013


For the future generations of mankind

The soul when given a bogus goal, cried foul
did not want to be harnessed, pushed around
the conditional positioning, 
promises of hope
fast assured, freedom is what life is all about
through a pit hole, the mole is offered a rope
easy now, hold on to it, you are here to cope.
For the sake of yet unborn children of mankind
our babies should not become androids of a kind
but as nature's own design, an evolutionary sign
it doesn't matter whether they are yours or mine
if they grow up with an open mind it will be fine
as long as the soul isn't severed from the divine.



The depth of our being
encompasses hidden forces
with the potential of expanding
those traits which are on the surface.

Natural dormant energies are tapped
latent powers have now been awakened
hastily harnessed, consequently harvested
to be submitted to our quantum perception.


Tuesday, May 07, 2013


From the master's hand
into the frying pan,
a rude awakening
to life’s ordeal.
The predator's word
a double-edged sword,
the primitive urge
wired up to surge
from the serpent's tongue
into unicorn ears.
In the time of need
one persons hunger
another’s greed.
There are traces left
of what was indeed
a primordial feed,
the pillaging and theft
of the original seed.

Monday, May 06, 2013


Literal puppetry

The initiation is brief
thoroughly executed
indubitably applied
ruthlessly injected
in willing consumers
soldiers of misfortune
brains whitewashed
cleared from intuition 
then laced accordingly
with applicable program
solid loyalty established
unconditional obedience
to pre established master
glorifying martyrdom
promoted ruthlessly
fanatical, fearless, gutsy
faith in new order to come
with unswerving docility
present state of zealotry
is a haunting perplexity
the sign of times to come.