Sunday, May 05, 2013


Buggers Anonymous

I had my doors wide open in downtown Toronto
when I had a big old house, at 106 Bedford rd.
way back in 1971, this all seems like yesteryears,
thousands of people have been there, big parties
just about every night, the fridge wide open, full house.
Not that I was rich or anything, but that was my thing,
I had too many friends, I stopped counting, I loved them all.
This lasted eight years, I shared my home with whoever
no need to guess, eventually I had to give up everything
this was painful friends, not that everyone was abusive

Some started a hierarchy around me which was a pity.
They stuck to my home as though I was their best friend
they turned out to be the buggers, and their entourage
a cynical lot, they thought of me as a sucker, moochy moo..

If you are a giver without a cause, this is what happens
less you do not have a place, and only give anonymously
but then I had an address and a reputation so to speak.
I was terribly bugged, the charmers were the big takers
I became a celebrity, Vensan la Grand, Vince the Prince.

I have had no place of my own since, do not care for it
what I mean to say is, if I did I would be the same way
but no way, I do not wish to be the one to discriminate
but in cyberspace I can still share in here and there
I make no commitments, here and now is all I care.
 Hereafter I'll most likely be, I do not even know where.
The only expectation I have, is not to have expectations.



Saturday, May 04, 2013


Let there be light

There is a lack of transparency
which makes the World affairs
deviously scheming and ugly
regard whistleblowers highly.

Will the limelight illuminate
the whole picture clearly visible
the perception of existing reality
could that even be conceivable?.

The skillful game of deception
is called competent diplomacy
a basic paramount ingredient 
of international political reality.

The power of the brute force
will be diminishing very fast
the game of war played digitally
on the web, with computers at last.

It is high time we lit up this play
in all clarity, look at this insanity
the vanity of power over each other
is not going to accomplish eternity.

We need to play the reckoning game
once we admit we are all the same
and if we wish to move any further
may it be from evil, not each other.

Nature is what is real, let us be clear
let us serve our source, which is dear
we have a calling, it is time we hear
then there will be no reason to fear.




Balance enhaces awareness
increased consciousness enforces balance,
through the path of least resistance
a mode of relief is achieved.
When rocks are delicately relaxed
on top of each other
through their finest, subtlest contact,
amazing equilibrium is achieved,
and perfect balance is attained.
Take notice of a rock lying passively on a beach,
having been ground down to its present size
by the waves, the winds, the forces of nature,
pounding against other rocks, constantly,
relentlessly throughout the millenniums.

Now you can rescue it from oblivion,
as we balance it upright, in equilibrium
can you notice serendipity shine through it?.
The battered rock which we just balanced
is exalted, liberated, transformed
into a ballerina so delicately light on her toes
so harmoniously, gracefully erect,
ascending into the realm of the miraculous.

If everyone on earth were to balance rocks
I assure you there will be peace on Earth.
This has to be done in full focus, attentively,
in a single pointed way, vehemently, faithfully.
The miraculous energy released with such an event
will surely bear a pristine aspect in time and scope.


Friday, May 03, 2013


Just awakened from a brief lucid dream
at the tip of my mind as fresh as can be,
first was a little ball rolling down a slope
like a snowball growing and accelerating

gaining size and speed, started glowing
all of a sudden a miraculous happening
as I was running out of time, I achieved
to stretch time faster than the momentum,
speed was gathered, a quickening triggered
an instant reaction, a latent force awakened
traveling in time had taken place in a flash
manifesting clearly once I opened my eyes
the dream that had occurred a moment ago
was way ahead of me in projected thereafter
if this isn't time travel, what else could it be
just the reverse of deja vu, when I get there
I will be arriving to where I have already been
only a moment ago, the past was the future
when this has happened, I'm not even sure.

Thursday, May 02, 2013



Semi conscious scribbles
rendered in the absence
of the conscious mind.

While talking on the phone 
as hands were moving haphazard
unpremeditated, subconscious.

This is the language of the deep
unintentional automatic drawings
thrown in randomly, later touched
with digital Suboriginal scrutiny.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Facing the Unacceptable 

Since documented history, Homer's tales of the Trojan horse
there has been always war on Earth, advocated by the victors
imposing courage, chivalry, heroism, the splendor of passion
exploited to the point of brainwashing the coming generation
into glorifying martyrdom, suicide bomber proclaimed as saint
cutting edge methods applied in manipulating the human spirit
into becoming one hell of a soldier, a formidable war machine
trained efficiently with ingenious computer games in the cradle
with the know how to mass destruct, able to activate mini nukes
by the looks of it, the end of war could be the end of humanity
we have attained at this point in time, such a terrifying capacity.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Carrots dangling under the nose of kin

as the skin of a beet was peeled within

vegetarian meat was juiced then spilled

accordingly slaughtered and beat in din

ginger, garlic as a bit of treat thrown in

ingested to wash down the hardened sin.

Monday, April 29, 2013



Faces in faces going through stages

there must be an error in the mirror

seasoning, ripening, fermentation

in steady pace mature to an old age