Sunday, April 07, 2013


If you catch my drift

I was drifting in my dream, the current took me

I did not resist the flow, a matter of wait and see

when it comes to the crunch, I'll need the energy

to snap out of a situation that don't render free.


Friday, April 05, 2013




From a personal point of view

I'm madly in love with my maker

who also happens to be my taker

who I shall inevitably be joined with

my one and only beloved, the quietus.

With such comforting certitude awaiting

patiently, from the other side of the pane

my passing will be the most assuring token

may this poem turn out to be a genuine omen

such a heartfelt promise can never be forsaken.



My old friend Michael had a heart attack
they called me from the hospital, I rushed
he was a heavy smoker, they might bypass
he looked pale and exhausted, worried I was
'anything I can do for you, anything''... I asked'
'get a cigarette' he pleaded, 'I am dying for one'.

The Survival of the Misfit
The contrast between
high thinking and low living
measured in cigarette butts!.
Meanwhile time is running in
and running out... in and out
In ironic opposition
things are evolving
after all he's still breathing
and smoking and kicking
the king of the time being
will soon be choking!.
As we sit and stare
at time running out
one more cigarette
is what this is all about.
We do not have to
rave and shout
but on this issue
we have no doubt
that if he quits
he is in
or else
he is out!.


Thursday, April 04, 2013


Faith in Fate

Ardor is subtle when taken in gullibility

with purity, innocence and also naivety 

alongside passion, comes vulnerability

should it crumble, there will be no pity

romance in bloom, such is pure delight

must cherish beloved to keep it in sight

faith is delicate, can be distorted by fate 

so strong yet fragile, should treat it right.



Time Scratcher

Just awakened from a dream
as fresh in my mind as can be, 
first was a little ball rolling down a slope
like a snowball growing and accelerating
gaining size and speed, started glowing
and then a miraculous thing occurred 
as I was running out of time, I managed
to stretch time faster than the momentum,
speed was gathered, a quickening triggered
a dormant reaction, a latent force awakened
traveling in time was easily handled
as manifested clearly once I opened my eyes
the dream that I had dreamed a moment ago
was way ahead of me in a projected thereafter
if this isn't time travel, what else could it be
just the reverse of deja vu, when I get there
I will be arriving to where I am heading today
only a while ago, as though this was yesterday.




I have discovered idiotic idioms in my mouth

which were indiscriminately uttered tonight

I have been chewing those out bite by bite

just as a mouth to mouth tongue delight

since I have nothing else  I wish to hide

will you be willing to come for a ride?.


Eye of the Beholder

Captured in this instance 
suspended between intervals
a blink of an eye in slow motion 
biting time, a pull here, a push there
in a flash it goes, as though it never was
but something was captured, an impression
which alters perception, accordingly in quantum
what appears is only relative to that moments catch
with infinite possibilities in store at perceptions stretch.